The Quantum World Association

Quantum technologies and computing are coming fast, and they are here to stay. Not only in academia, also in the world of business. The QWA is a non-profit organisation founded by Entanglement Partners in Barcelona, ID Quantique in Geneva, evolutionQ in Waterloo, and h-bar in Melbourne. Our goal is to bring together companies in the field of quantum technologies. Through our unique blend of expertise, we will provide insights on scientific and industry developments. For years, academic papers and conferences have been reporting superlative quantum technologies advances. The mainstream media has finally started to catch on to this. In 2016, The New Yorker addressed quantum safeness needs. Last year, The Economist dedicated over twenty pages to quantum technologies. Global consulting giants Accenture and Deloitte have released papers on quantum preparedness for businesses in their 2018 annual reviews. The Financial Times covered the arms race between the world’s biggest technology companies to reach quantum supremacy. Today quantum computing parties, as reported by Wired, are the latest sensation. Imagine laser shows and physicists discussing the merits of qubits, while sipping gin entanglements. The buzz about quantum computing in the business media is getting louder and louder. This in turn leaves businesses both in awe and puzzled — what is it all about, and what do they need to do? We at the QWA want to help users to get ready for the upcoming quantum revolution. We wish to teach how best to leverage this onslaught of new solutions, and how to best defend from future risks. We’re building an ecosystem of experts, businesses and vendors, to help users out. What are the critical success factors for productive roll outs? For which quantum solutions? When are they available? Who offers them? What are the relevant pilots? Who can help educate users? What are the relevant information sources and conferences? The QWA will help users to get up to speed. We plan to do this via different channels. We have already established a daily news feed via LinkedIn & Twitter ( with several thousand followers. We are also starting to build workgroups focused on key topics. These include specific use case domains such as Quantum communications (how can quantum impact 5G use), Quantum for quants (computing for the finance industry) and Quantum for blockchain (security risk analysis). In addition, the Quantum Art Lab (Quantum art representations) and Quantum for peace (transparency, use deontology) will explore the effects of quantum technologies from a social point of view. Please do get in touch if you wish to contribute.